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    Castlebridge provides comprehensive financial management for your community. Our financial services include:

    • Maintain all financial records in accordance with accepted accounting procedures.
    • Receive all assessment payments and other charges due to the Association and maintain a record of billings and receipts for each owner.
    • Deposit all receipts into the Association's bank account and disburse regularly and in a timely manner all funds of the Association from Association accounts, including payroll and taxes.
    • Assist in implementation and enforcement of delinquency procedures and initiate legal action when required and in keeping with Association policies.
    • Prepare and present to the Board 90 days prior to year end, a preliminary budget for the upcoming fiscal year.
    • Assist the Association's Treasurer to develop and administer the investment program for the Association Funds.
    • Prepare monthly financial reports from the previous month to include:
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income and Expense Statements
    • General Ledger
    • Actual-to-Budget for current period and year to date periods inclusive of variances.
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Creation and distribution of payment booklets.
    • Provide an Automatic Debit Program for payment of fees.


    Castlebridge will assign a Community Manager to administer the management program for your Community. The program will include:

    • Perform regular property inspections as contracted.
    • Maintain a work order system to track homeowner and common area service requests.
    • Develop and implement a preventative maintenance program as needed for common area responsibilities as per the community documents.
    • Prepare a management report to the Board detailing all operational maintenance, management and financial related activities of the community. The reporting will include delinquency information, bid comparisons, status on current and planned improvements, projects and recommendations of management relating to operational activities.
    • Receive and promptly respond to verbal and written requests from owners concerning maintenance issues on their homes, exterior changes and common area issues.
    • Management Company will act upon and resolve homeowner requests that are the responsibility of the Association in accordance with the Declaration of Covenants.
    • Prepare job specifications for subcontractors to be used by the Association for Board review prior to the bidding process.
    • Suggest reputable subcontractors to be used for services to the Association.
    • Initiate bidding process and assist in negotiating contracts for review and approval by the Board.
    • Assist in selection of legal, engineering and other professionals.
    • Prepare job descriptions, work schedules, hire and provide oversight for employees and subcontractors.
    • Attend regular Board meetings, supervise the annual Board election inclusive of notification, solicitation of candidates, proxy/ballot collection and tally.
    • Maintain a 24-hour emergency response service for communication with Unit Owners in the event of emergencies that fall within the scope of responsibility of the Association.


    Castlebridge will provide complete administrative services to include:

    • Maintain individual, general and unit files for each Association. General files will include but are not be limited to:
    • Association Governing Documents
    • Contracts
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Board Meeting Minutes
    • Insurance Information
    • Correspondence
    • Resale Information
    • Maintain a list of all names, addresses and telephone numbers of unit owners of the Association
    • Prepare correspondence on behalf of the Association
    • Assist in the distribution of notices and mailings to the community as necessary
    • Assist in the Association election procedure
    • Provide copying, printing, filing, payment coupons and computer services as per the rate schedule


    The extensive knowledge and experience of the staff of Castlebridge is available to Developers as well as Board Members for a variety of projects such as:

    • Budget development for new communities
    • Review of Rules and Regulations
    • Vendor Assessment
    • Education and Training